All Fired Up

Road Poppers

Woody’s bacon 

Smooth cream cheese  

Grated cheddar cheese 

Jalepeno peppers 

Mixed Cheddar cheese with cream cheese 

De-seed jalepenos   

Stuffed the jalepenos with cream cheese mix  

Wrapped in bacon  

Braai on medium coals till bacon is crispy 

Skewer bacon to hold in place if need be 

Pork dogs on a stick

Pork sausages 

Tsp dijion Mustard 

Pre rolled puff pastry 

Tin of tomatoes 

Spring onions  


Braai the pork sausages till half done 

Roll out puff pastry 

Mix spring onions and the tin of tomatoes together 

Smear mustard on puff pastry 

Add 1 tablespoon of tomato mix 

Wrap half cooked pork sausage in pastry and seal well 

Stick skewer through and braai till pastry is cooked 

Chicken, Bacon & Avo Wrap

Chicken pieces, braai’d and shredded 

2 Tbs Cream cheese 

Gherkins, chopped small 

2 Tbs Mayo 

Woody’s Bacon, crispy and finely chopped 

Cucumber, cubed  

Mix all ingredients together 

Heat up tortilla on braai grid – approx 5-10 seconds on each side, depending on how hot the coals are. 

Top with fresh avo and season with salt and pepper  

Wrap and serve