Brafia Lamb Pit Barrel

LAMB with Game Chips

Lamb rib  


Rub down the lamb with Salt and Pepper  

Hang in Pit Barrel Smoker for 2.5hrs  

Toss My Butchers Block Smoking chips into smoker every 10-20 minutes

Vine Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes on vine 

Roast tomatoes in mix herbs and olive oil till just done.  

Game / Waffle Chips

2 or 3 big potatoes 


Oil for deep frying 

Using a Mandolin slicer on the ‘Crinkle Cut setting 

Set it to quite high so that the potato will slice a bit thicker 

Slice chips in a criss cross fashion 

Towel dry then deep fry till golden brown 

Season with salt  

Side Sauce

Cucumber, no skin and cubed 

Plain double thick yoghurt 

Lemon Juice 



Salt and pepper  

Mix altogether and serve on the side.