Kudu Loin and Vegetables


Kudu Fillet  

Red wine 

Shitake mushroom stems  

2 Tbs garlic  

Handful of soft, fresh herbs 

4 Tbs Maple Syrup  

Olive oil  

Fillet Rub

Equal quantities of –  

Mustard seeds 

Coriander seeds  

Salt & Pepper 

Olive oil  

Side Veg

1 Butternut, de-skinned and sliced 

1 Aubergine, sliced into chips 

Leeks, sliced  




Debone the fillet and use bones to make a stock with Mirepoix, red wine and mushroom stems.  

Leave to boil and reduce. 

Generously rub the fillet with the rub and set aside 

Place the whole fillet into the Kassi with My Butchers Block Oak smoking chips  

Smoke until the Kudu rare  

Mix Maple syrup, garlic and fresh herbs together 

Place Kudu on the braai to finish 

Brush the kudu with this mixture for colour and sweetness.  


Fry vegetables in oil as chips  

Boil beetroot to serve on the side   

Place all on plate and serve with red wine jus