Mambas Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Marinade for chicken wings – For 40 chicken wings   

2 cups tomato sauce 

1 cup Worcestershire sauce  

Half cup brown sugar 

Tablespoon paprika 

2 tsp cumin seeds (ground) 

Salt and pepper  

Worcestershire sauce can be replaced with half cup soy sauce 

Get coals nice and hot on the fire 

When hot but not searing, place chicken wings in grid and put on heat 

Cook until done, continually basting throughout  

Try not to burn small winglets.  


Ground beans 

Red onions  

Red peppers 


Spring onion 

1 egg 

Garum masala 


Mustard (English) 

Spoonful of tomato sauce 

Skewers, soaked 

In a bowl, mix all ingredients together until firm 

Take a half a handful of your mixture and apply it to the skewer until firm 

Place pan on the fire until at a medium heat with oil