1. Tikka Chicken and Seekh Kebabs – (Muttonheads!)
  2. Sticky Rosemary Lamb Chops with Stuffed Mushrooms and Coconut, Strawberry & Marshmallow Skewers – (Salty Flames)
  3. Sticky Chuck with Broccoli Tender-stems, topped with Basil and Toasted Almonds – (Ebony & Ivory)
  4. Steak Tartare with Guacamole Filling & Sous Vide Steak with Mushroom Sauce – (Monante Cuisine)
  5. Lamb Stew with Steamed Bread, served with Creamed Spinach – (The Explorers)
  6. Durban Chicken Curry – (Smoke n’Hot)
  7. Beef Olive with Red Cabbage and Mash – (Pretty Griddy)
  8. Barbeque T-Bone and Cheesy Phuthu  – (The Spice Girls)
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