Woody’s Stuffed Pork Loin


WOODY’S Pork Loin, whole 

20 WOODY’S bacon slices  

1 Bunch of spinach  

4 Bunches of spring onion, grilled 




Slice pork loin open lengthways and open flat 

Place bacon on the meat, raw 

Add spinach, roasted spring onion and sage 

Add butter 


Place into Pit Barrel Smoker for 2hrs or until cooked  

If you have a time constraint, you can do the following to speed up the process 

Wrapped in foil and place on coal (time constraint) 

Place coals on top to speed up the process 

Woody's Sauce

125ml Worcester Sauce 

125ml Red wine 

200gr Treacle Sugar 

125ml Apricot jam 

80ml vinegar 

200ml Soy Sauce 

125ml Honey  

125ml Tomato sauce 

Star Anise 

60 gr Coffee Powder