Ingredients & Method


Impala loin 

1 Tbs Sumac 

1 Tbs Smoked Paprika 

Salt and pepper 




Olive oil  

Impala loin 

Clean loin and run it with 1 tbl spoon of sumac and 1 tbl spoon of smoked paprika…. season with salt and pepper 

Braai 3 minutes each side and allow to rest off the braai 

Baste in butter thyme garlic and olive oil to finish off and serve  

Braised red cabbage 

Red cabbage, thinly sliced 

Half onion, chopped 

2 Cloves garlic 

500ml red wine 

Wax Paper 

Treacle sugar 

100gr cranberries 

Thinly slice red cabbage 

In pan saute half onion and 2 cloVes garlic for little bit then add the red cabbage and salute as well add 500ml of red wine and cover pan with wax paper to braise 

Once wine has cooked off add 1 teaspoon of treacle sugar and 100 g of cranberries and chopped celery season with salt and serve 

Roast carrots 

Carrots, peeled 

Olive Oil 

Salt and pepper 

Peel carrots and slice length wise in half…. drizzle Olive oil and season with salt and braai on braai till tender 

Fondant potato  

Baby potatoes 



Fresh thyme 

Veg stock  

Trim edges off baby potato and slowly brown in butter and oil with garlic and thyme until golden brown all sides 

Add vegetable stock and simmer until fully cooked then remove from pan and finish off directly on braai grid for smokey element  

Cream sauce 

Use the bones from trimming loin and roast of braai 

Saute carrots celery onion and garlic in pot then add bones once roasted and add stock to cook down and get as much flavour as possible before adding cream to reduce then season to taste.