Sexy Chefs Padkos

Chicken Wrap

1 Tortilla wrap 

Aubergine, sliced 

Courgettes, sliced 

Mushrooms, sliced 

Onions, sliced  

Peppers, sliced 

2 Tbsp Mayo 

1 Tbsp chutney  

Chicken fillets, flattened 

Roast all vegetables with olive oil, salt and pepper and put aside 

Brush olive oil, salt and pepper onto chicken fillets 

Braai chicken fillets – without making them too dry 


Mix chutney and mayo together and put onto tortilla 

Finely chop chicken 

In a bowl, combine chicken and vegetables 

Layer onto tortilla and wrap. 

Sticky Chicken Wings

1 Tbsp Chutney  

Crushed chilli 

Salt and pepper 

Chicken stock 

Boiling water in pot 

Chicken Wings 

Boil chicken wings in pot with 1 block chicken stock till cooked 

Remove and add to hot pan with chutney, chicken spice and crushed chilli to get sticky 

Vetkoek with mince

1kg flour 

30gr sugar 

30gr salt 

50gr butter 

20ml oil 

20gr yeast 

Enough water to make a dough  

Put all dry ingredients into a bowl  

Add water bit by bit and mix through. 

Knead until mixed and non sticky 

Put in a bowl and cover with a cling wrap. 

Keep in a warm area to proof for half an hour. 

Knead more and let it proof for another half an hour. 

Heat oil up to 170 degrees. 

Shape or cut the dough and fry for two minutes each side until golden brown in colour. 


500gr mince 

Chopped –  



Yellow pepper 

Spring onions 

Chilli flakes 

Prepared Chicken stock  

2 Tbsp tomato sauce 


Sautee onions, chillies, yellow pepper and spring onions  

Add mince, chicken stock and cook through 

Mix altogether, add tbsp tomato sauce and cook through 

Drain oil and serve in vetkoek.