Smoked Mac ‘n Cheese & Bacon Chilli Poppers

2 Leeks, finely sliced 

125ml butter 

125gr flour  

1l milk 

1l cream 

1 pack of macaroni, cooked 

Fresh garlic, chopped 

Fresh herbs   

Leeks cut fine and braised in butter 

1 cup of butter 

Add flour, 125gr flour 

1l milk 

1l cream 

Fresh garlic and herbs 

Add sauce   

Into pit barrel smoker to get smoked  

Bacon Chilli Poppers

20 Jalepenos 

250ml cream cheese 

20 strips of WOODY’S bacon  

10 chives, chopped  


Slice the top off the jalepenos 

Roll the jalepeno in your hands to loosen the seeds – tip them out 

Mix the cream cheese and chives together 

Stuff the jalepenos with cream cheese and chive mix